• Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust launches a new promotional video highlighting the pride of a diverse, fun and very much alive destination

“Puerto Vallarta is written in colors because it’s alive.” Keeping that idea in mind, the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Jalisco and Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, collaboration with aMi Agency, launched a promotional video this Friday from their respective social networks, highlighting ¡main values and attractions on this destination, proudly Patasalada.

The video can now be played in Facebook e Instagram, and its main objective is to promote a Vallartense identity, collaborative work and solidarity by exalting passion, joy, openness, kindness, persistence, solidarity, warmth and all of the human values that distinguish its inhabitants and that have placed this destination as the friendliest city in the world.

Meanwhile, Vallarta main attractions are kept in the spotlight: beaches, gastronomy, traditions, folklore, natural surroundings and the unforgettable experiences that make this place special, the corner of the world that everyone falls in love with, regardless of whether they were born or not here.

Throughout the message, it is also recognized that Puerto Vallarta always comes out ahead, in the face of any difficulty, against all odds, because Vallartenses and visitors– always keep working together building a common city and a common future.

Call to action is clear: let’s recover Vallarta’s pride. Everyone for Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta for everyone!

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