Vallarta Opina Staff
Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s number of infected people with Coronavirus is now higher than 20, when two more cases were confirmed by the Federal Health Department this Sunday. At the same time, quarantine is now a mandatory measure in Jalisco, with a punishment that includes jail.

Two more men have been confirmed positive tests of COVID-19, to increase the local figures of infected people to 22. Besides, six patients have recovered from the virus, while the number of coronavirus related deaths are still 3.

On the other hand, the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, ordered a mandatory quarantine for all the population until May 16th. In this way, no person with nonessencial activities will be allowed to go out, the local police of Puerto Vallarta and all the municipalities will take care of this measure to be fulfilled.

“We are doing this very well, but it is still not fair to those who are really staying at home to suffer the consequences because of the people that are still not obeying”, the governor said on Sunday.

All squares, parks, beaches, gardens and the Downtown & the Malecon area, are currently closed, and no one will be allowed to be there, police will be on the look out.

The punishment for violating the quarantine includes 36 hours of arrest, and all the stores that refuse to close, if they are not essencial industry bussines, will be fined and closed down.

Currently, coronavirus deaths in Mexico top 686, and the total confirmed cases are 8,261. In Jalisco, the number of infected people reaches 198 including 13 deaths.

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